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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


The children will be studying their locality this term, starting with the school environment and going out into the local area – including a visit to the windfarm with Mr Grime.  They will use positional language, atlases, maps and globes to locate their locality.  They will also make their own simple maps and devise their own symbols for keys for the maps.  They will be taught the different compass points and will use all of these skills to take part in simple orienteering activities.


In mathematics we will:

•focus on ‘Number and Place Value’;

•understand the value of digits in a 2 or 3 digit number;

•develop and improve our use of mathematical vocabulary;

•confidently use mathematical symbols;

•use place value and number facts to solve a variety of number problems;

•continue to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction and begin to solve problems involving these operations, mentally.


In Year 2 we are a team supported by Mrs Eastwood and Mr Askew. Year 2 is made up of wonderful individuals and we make a great team.


A class learning plan called our Curriculum Map is published for each of the three terms of the school year that details the content of each subject being studied during the period.

Click on the link below to view the Maps.

Key Information

  • Spellings - are given out on Monday and tested on Friday.

  • Homework will include reading at least 4 times a week.

  • P.E. is on Monday and Friday- Please label your child's PE kit

  • Mathematics homework will be given later on in the year.

  • Children will have a times table to chant daily.

Our Autumn Term curriculum map.