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The aim for English curriculum at Balladen Community Primary School is to promote high standards of reading, writing and language. We want our pupils to be inspired by authors and develop their love of literature through reading a wide range of books for enjoyment and information. Our pupils will be part of a culture where writing is valued and pupils take pride in their writing. The pupils will be able to write for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences using a variety of skills. At Balladen Community Primary School, we want our pupils to be confident speakers and listeners who are able to express their ideas and emotions to further their learning.


Our English curriculum teaches our pupils the importance of reading, writing, speaking and listening in the real world thus showing them the value of English to them now and in their aspirational futures. We believe that our pupils need a secure knowledge-base in English that builds progression from Reception to the end of Year 6.


One of the main resources we use at Balladen to teach English is the Power of Reading, which follows our Talk for Writing approach, as outlined in our policy. We believe this will promote a love of reading as well discussion and language development, and provide pupils with the inspiration and motivation for high quality writing.

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