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Sports Premium

Schools are allocated a sum of money to improve the quantity, quality and breadth of Physical Education and School Sport provision for all children. At Balladen Primary School the Physical Education and School Sport Premium has made a huge impact.


 We continue to evaluate the current strengths of the school to implement plans for improvement. We employ a member of staff every afternoon as Sports Coach. He teaches every child throughout KS2 the skills and knowledge needed to take part in various sports such as: football, netball, basketball, tennis, badminton, handball, volleyball, table-tennis, hockey, cricket, rounders, tri-golf, athletics, cross country, tag-rugby, gymnastics and dance (£14,299).  It is possible for Balladen to deliver high quality sessions because the funding has allowed the school to purchase new, good quality sports equipment and replace old equipment when necessary.


 Key Stage 1 teachers are delivering lessons using the new, safe gymnastics equipment we have purchased. Gymnastics was an area of Physical Education we felt needed improving. We have had Glenn Swindlehurst, Head of Lancashire P.E., deliver a course on teaching gymnastics to all of our class teachers.


 We have appointed a Level 3 Sports Apprentice, Mr Molloy.  Mr Molloy encourages children to be physically active on the playground, he assists with outdoor learning and adventures, facilitates lunchtime coaching sessions, attends all Level 2 competitions and supports PE lessons.(£5841)


 We continue to send our staff on various CPD courses. For example, Miss Sutcliffe has attended a cheerleading course; Mrs Ashman has attended a gymnastics course; Mr Molloy has attended a Football course, and Mr Stanton has attended courses on: badminton, netball, hockey, tennis, tri-golf, basketball, tag-rugby, handball and orienteering. He has also attended a Building Confidence in Physical Education Course, a Level 2 in cricket course and the F.A. Age Appropriate Football Course.


 We continue to employ qualified coaches in school to work alongside teachers to increase their subject knowledge and confidence when teaching Physical Education and School Sport.  Miss Hall has completed the Level 5/6 Certificate in Primary School Physical Education Specialism. She continues to ensure the teaching of Physical Education and School Sport is of high quality and the progression and continuity of our pupils’ learning is on track.


 We still buy into the Rossendale Sports Partnership (£1654). This provides the school with training, in school coaches and most importantly access to the competitions. We are proud to have entered every competition provided and we have finished in first or second place on the league table for the last five years.


 We continue to run our school minibus. This makes everything we do possible. It is used to attend every Level 2 competition, for outdoor and adventurous activities and for swimming.(£2500)

 We continue to raise the self-esteem of our pupils by purchasing: football, cheerleading and sport’s kits.

 We pay for pool hire and a qualified swimming teacher to provide swimming lessons for our Year 4 class. Our aim is to ensure that all our pupils can swim at least 25m by the end of KS2. Miss Hall also attended a swimming course to assist with the teaching of swimming. Although swimming is part of the curriculum, we have decided to run able, gifted and talented swimming sessions and extra sessions for the less able swimmers from Y5/6.  In 2017/2018 100% of our Year 6 children were able to swim at least 25 metres, confidently and proficiently, using a range of strokes effectively. 


 We have entered the Inclusive Games again this year. This enables children with SEN, MLD, SLD and physical disabilities to get involved.  We have engaged our least active pupils in sport by differentiating the class, encouraging them to join after school clubs and join a Change4Life Programme.


 We have established links with outside clubs. For example we have paid for our previous Year 6 class to go skiing at Ski Rossendale and we have taken our cross country team to Marl Pits to use the running track and grounds. Thinking about our able, gifted and talented pupils, we have links with Haslingden Sports Centre for tennis, where we have sent a Year 4 child. Haslingden Girls’ Football Club has taken on four of Balladen’s girls. After three girls were noticed at the Level 3 Cricket Competition, we arranged for them to go to the Lancashire Girls’ Cricket Academy. One of Balladen’s boys (with a physical disability) was encouraged to take up table-tennis at Balladen, he now plays for Hyndburn Table Tennis Club and is on his way to the Paralympics.  One of our children won the cross country competition, with our help he now runs for the Rossendale Harriers.

 We have helped fund new nets at Haslingden Cricket Club and we now have access to use them.(£200)

 We have encouraged children to get involved in new sports such as boccia and kurling; we have purchased the equipment needed to take up these new sports.

 The new sport for the coming year will be Karate.


 Our Year 5 children have been trained as play leaders and we are looking into Archery. These children encourage younger children to get involved in various playtime activities.


 We run after school clubs. These have included street dance, dodgeball, zumba, multi-sports, tag rugby cheerleading and Mr Stanton runs football training three times per week.


 We have taken our previous Year 6 class to the Chill Factore, where they experienced new sports such as sledging, tobogganing, skiing, climbing and team building activities. We have spent some of the funding on an onsite orienteering course. (£300)


We have enhanced our KS1 and KS2 playground with playground markings and plan to do the KS2 playground.  We have purchased more equipment that will encourage and enable our children to enjoy active play.


Current academic year's PE and sport premium allocation:

How school will spend the funding:

Outcomes which we are working towards

  • Outstanding PE provision across the school - curriculum, equipment, TA support.
  • An increase of physical activity by all pupils within the school.
  • All Year 4 pupils to be able to swim at least 25 m by the end of KS2.
  • Children to feel confident about trying new sports.
  • Children to be confident about transferring skills acquired at school and joining clubs out of school hours.
  • Identification of able and gifted children within Sports and established pathways to local clubs/ coaching.
  • A change in lifestyle and attitude by pupils towards physical activities.


Impact measure

  • Balladen will audit the impact of children’s enjoyment and engagement in PE through a Sport-Specific pupil questionnaire to both parents and pupils at the end of the Summer term.
  • An expected increase in participation and interest in both new and established sports.
  • An increase in the number of pupils taking part in after school sport.
  • An increase in the number of pupils competing and being successful in competitive sports.