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The Importance of Attendance


Your child needs to be in school by 8.50am ready for registration.  At 9.00am registration officially closes.  Any children attending after this time will receive a Late mark in the register.


Lateness disrupts teaching routines and affects learning, not only for your child, but of others in the classroom.


Local Authorities take absence and punctuality very seriously.  Did you know that if your child misses 10 or more days during the year, for ANY reason, they will not achieve 96% attendance as expected at Balladen School?


Research has shown that attendance at less than 96% seriously affects a child's education.


Pupils who's attendance falls below 90% are classed as being persistently absent and are in danger of significantly under-achieving.


Balladen children take pride in their attendance

Attendance Figures for 2019-2020:

Half Term 1: 97%  
Half Term 2: 93%

Autumn Term Total Percentage:  95%

Half Term 3:  97%   
Half Term 4:   

Spring Term Total Percentage:  

Half Term 5:   
Half Term 6:   

Summer Term Total Percentage:    

Attendance Figure for 2018-2019:  95.7%

Attendance Figure for 2017-2018:  96%





Our School Day


8:45 AM

     Doors open

8:55 AM

     Bell to signal start of school

10:30 AM to 10:45 AM

     Morning Break

11:50 to 1:00 PM

     Infant lunch break

11:50 AM to 12:50 PM

     Junior lunch break

2:15 PM to 2:30 PM

     Afternoon break

3:30 PM

     Close of school