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Summer Term

In Reception this term we have two topics.

Our first topic is about New Life and Change. If we were in school we would be looking at the lifecycle of a chick, the lifecycle of a tadpole/frog and a caterpillar/butterfly. We would also be growing plants in our outdoor classroom.

Please can you talk to your children about what they observe when you are out and about in the environment perhaps when you are out exercising; flowers growing, leaves and buds on trees, lambs in the fields.


The second topic is about Journeys and we will be looking at our locality and how people make journeys to different places. Hopefully we will be back in school for this topic! Our role play area will be an airport and we will be learning about hot and cold places to go for a holiday.


 I have added the curriculum map for New Life and Change to give you an idea of some of the activities we would be doing on this topic if we were in school!


I have also added the curriculum map for Journeys to give you an idea of some activities to carry out at home if your child is not returning to school just yet.