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Week Beginning 5.10.20

Hello boys and girls working from home,

Please find below the Power points and activities for you to work through at home. 

It would be lovely if you could send through photographs of your child's work to me at so that I can see how you are getting on. If you are not able to do this, please bring your work in to school when you return. 


Year 2 Children - Keep working hard! You have made a great start to this new year and I really need you to keep working hard so that you can all make amazing progress this year. 


Kind regards,


Mrs Hopkins 

Phonics for the week 05.10.20 Work through the power point every day and practice your hf words.

Monday 05.10.20 English - Grammar work through the past and present tense power point. Main lesson - Write a sea setting description using adjectives. Use the power points to help your creative writing.

Monday - Maths 5.10.20 - Our focus of the week is measures - measuring length using cm and m. Use a ruler to measure the lines on the magic carpet gameboard.

Monday afternoon - Science materials - sorting materials

Monday afternoon - handwriting

Tuesday 06.10.20 Grammar - past tense verbs. English use your senses and ideas from yesterday to write a description of the sea.

Tuesday afternoon - PSHE - Think about what makes you angry and how to deal with our anger

Wednesday Grammar and English - Grammar - change the tense. English write a poem about the sea using verbs and adjectives. Describe the objects in the sea.

Wednesday Maths - Find food packages in your house and compare the mass of the object, order the objects from lightest to heaviest. Look at the packages are they measured in grams or kilograms. Today we are reading the scales on the weighing scales.

Wednesday - Digital literacy - Learning about cyber bulling and how to prevent it - keeping safe online

Thursday Grammar and English - Grammar - past and present tense ppt. English - think about what a character might be saying and write their speech using capital letters and full stops.

Thursday Maths - Starter counting in 2s, 5s and 10s activity cards. Comparing mass and mass problem solving.

Friday - Grammar and English - Grammar to choose the correct tense. English - What would you do if you found treasure? Would you keep it? or would you give it to charity? Write in sentences using the conjunctions and, but, so, because

Friday Maths - Five coins starter - problem solving with money. Main - problem solving with mass.

Friday - History - Analyse a photo displaying the Fire of London - Complete a spider diagram of what you can see happening in the photo. What does this tell you about the Fire of London?