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Week Beginning 29.6.20

Please select however many activities you wish to use and feel free to adapt them so that the activity suits your child and family. Please keep as many of these activities as possible and bring them back into school with you in September to share with your class. We would like children to use these activities and write down what they are good at, what they want to improve next year and set themselves a target for something to achieve, and think of some things they think their new teacher should know about them. 
Project of the Week-Transition
Lancashire home learning Pack
Reading Comprehension
Weekly Spellings
SPAG activities
Daily English Lessons
Maths Activities
Daily Maths Lessons

This week the children will learn all about hydroponics.The link below explains what hydroponics is for adults.


Finding out which land features made castles easier to defend.

Art- Bayeux Tapestry

To use line to create a picture in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry.


Watch the video clip below about Shabbat.

Can the children think of two activities that Jews cannot do during Shabbat and two activities that they are allowed to do? They could draw pictures on the template below. They could then discuss what they often do on Saturdays and identify activities Jewish children would be allowed to do.