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Week Beginning 28.9.20

Hello boys and girls working from home,

Please find below the Power points and activities for you to work through at home. 

It would be lovely if you could send through photographs of your child's work to me at so that I can see how you are getting on. If you are not able to do this, please bring your work in to school when you return. 


Year 2 Children - Keep working hard! You have made a great start to this new year and I really need you to keep working hard so that you can all make amazing progress this year. 


Kind regards,


Mrs Hopkins 

Phonics daily - work through the power point and chant the phonemes/ sounds daily. Write words with each phoneme. Put the words in to a sentence.

Phonics for the week

English Monday - Create a story board of pictures and short sentences using capital letters and full stops.

Grammar English - We have been learning about adjectives (describing words), nouns (names of objects) and verbs (action/ doing words) sort the words into the correct word classes. Use the power point to write some sentences using adjectives and verbs.

Maths Monday - Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s use the power point and count in 2s, what do you notice about the numbers?

Monday handwriting - practice the zigzag letters

Tuesday English lesson - Design your own sea creature - work through the power point to help you. Describe your sea creature using adjectives and verbs.

Tuesday Maths Lesson - partitioning numbers work through the place value power point and partition numbers using base ten

Tuesday afternoon - PSHE Work through the documents and think and learn about good and not so good feelings. Discuss the different feelings with an adult and think about the different examples and how the children might be feeling.

Wednesday - Grammar work - Work through the power point and learn about past and present verbs. Activity - change the sentences into the past tense

Wednesday English Lesson - Your sea creature from yesterday needs a sea cave. Use your power point to help create your cave. Use your imagination to create and visualize a setting for your sea creature.

Thursday Grammar work - Learn about past tense verbs - choose the correct verb

Thursday English - Write a setting description using adjectives - describe the sea and the waves. Think about the sea in the story of How to find Gold.

Thursday - Maths - know how to partition numbers using coins. Count the coins using tens and ones.

Thursday Art - to explore the colour and tone in a piece of artwork. Artwork by Granger Name, match and draw lines/marks from observations. Invent new lines. Sort the colours into darkest to lightest. Recreate the painting using paints, pencils and pastels.

Thursday - handwriting - curly letters using letter join

Friday - Grammar work

Friday English lesson - To think about what the characters in the book might be saying. Write speech bubbles using capital letters and full stops.

Friday Maths lesson - Starter odd and even numbers. Main lesson - work through the power point and apply your place value skills to reasoning problems.

Science - Materials - Find materials around your home and investigate the properties

Handwriting - long letters