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Week Beginning 28.9.20

Handwriting joins for the school's scheme of work. Can you please ask your child to write their name with joins? Please see the posters below.
Phonics for the week


Our text for the next few weeks is Traction Man. Please click on the link below for the full story. q=traction+man&docid=608010701888883690&mid=E1EE75CE26127BB8043BE1EE75CE26127BB8043B&view=detail&FORM=VIRE

Your child has been given their English group name and each piece of work will tell you what their group name is.
Mondays lesson- To complete one of the worksheets. There are three worksheets uploaded and each one is slightly different. The first worksheet is the easiest and they progressively get harder. 


Please let your child listen to the story again(Mondays link).

Use the word mat provided to list some character words that fit Traction Man. Then write 2 or three sentences about him. There is only one worksheet for this lesson. All groups are doing the same task.


Play a game with your child. Each of you need a different picture(see attached sheets). Don't show each other the pictures. Take it in turns to describe each picture and draw what the person is describing. Then compare the images at the end.

The objective is to encourage your child to use lots of describing words. 



The focus today is ordinal numbers. Look at the bus stop worksheet and order the people in the queue.

Then look at the ordinal powerpoint and work through it with your child. 

The colouring activity sheet is an easier worksheet. The  ordinal numbers worksheet is linked to the powerpoint.

The true or false activity can be completed as a finishing activity.


The focus today is using number lines Practise counting up and down on a number line(see attached numberline) or use a ruler.

Work through the powerpoint with your child. Followed by the worksheets.

True or false activity to complete the session.


Today we will focus on tens and ones. Start the session by counting in 10s from 0 to 100 and then back down. I have provided an empty tens frame for your child to practise basic counting in tens. One item per square. Look at the powerpoint with your child.

There are two different worksheets. The tens matching game is easier for bright sparks or clever clogs group.

The next worksheet is for the whizz kids, brain boxes and genius gems and matches the powerpoint.

Complete the true or false activity as the end task.


Today we will focus on ordering numbers. Start with counting up and down to 20. If your child finds that easy extend up to 30. Work through the powerpoint together. 

Cut and stick activity is for the bright sparks. Snakes is for clever clogs group. The worksheet is for whizz kids, brain boxes and genius gems.

True or false activity as the end task.


The focus today will be working with numbers up to 50. Start by counting forwards on the 100 number square(see poster provided). Then work through the powerpoint with your child. Complete the worksheet provided. There is a monster worksheet for the bright sparks group. The other children will complete the other worksheet. Finish with the true or false activity.


Our topic in science is materials. The focus is that your child needs to know what the material is that the object is made from. Work through the powerpoint together and complete the worksheet provided.