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Week Beginning 21.9.20

Handwriting- Please ensure that your child can write their name in the school's cursive script. See attached letter posters.
I have attached a worksheet for learning the correct  letter formation for 'curly' letters.
Phonics- We are looking at Letter and Sounds phase 3.

In English, we have been reading a book called Traction Man. Please see the attached link.


The children have really enjoyed this story so far. This weeks lessons have included;

1. Drawing and talking about a special present that they had received for Christmas or another special day.

2. Drawing a picture and labelling Traction Man. (belt, boots, pants, shirt)

3. Creating(drawing) their own Superhero- What super power would their superhero have? What would their superhero be called?

Maths- This week our unit of work has been 'number and place value'.


Warm up activity

Clap and ask your child to count your claps and record how many claps you have done. Repeat with numbers up to 20.


Main lesson

Work your way through the powerpoint talking each question through with your child. Then ask them to complete the 'work for kids' worksheet.

To complete the lesson look at the true or false activity below.

Additional activity

Last week we were learning to spell numbers up to 20. 

Please repeat this work with your child.


We used a mirror to help us sketch a self-portrait. Please follow the attached sheet to help you to guide your child as they draw.