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Week Beginning 19.10.20

Grammar of the week - plurals - learning how to change a singular into a plural where there is more than one

English - listen to the story of How to find Gold and complete a story map ready to write your own story on Thursday and Friday. Draw 6 pictures to order the story and add 6 time words to order the story such as First, The, Next, Later, Finally, Eventually

English - Wednesday - get ready to plan your own version of How to Find Gold - plan the story step by step. Change the story of How to find gold into your version. Change the characters and what you might find.

English Thursday - using your box up plan write your own version of how to find gold. Use the success criteria checklist to help you.

English Friday - change the ending of the story - write the ending of a new story changing the events in the end. Think about what you might find instead of gold and what sea creatures you might see on your adventure.

Maths Friday - Subtraction Problems - Starter think of two numbers that make 18. Plenary - Guess my number

Art - use fine lines to draw buildings - links to the Fire of London

PSHE - to learn about the feeling of anger and how to control our emotions