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Week Beginning 15.6.20

Reading Activities
Weekly Spellings
SPAG-Commas in lists
English Daily Lessons
Maths warm-ups
Maths Daily Lessons
Additional Resources- Why not have a look at 'Carnival of animals' topic?
Lancashire Home Learning Pack
Art - Father's Day 
Science- This week we are learning all about plant growth and parts of the plant.
The easiest edible plant to grow is cress. Why not have a go?

Watch the video clip-It's amazing!

Design Technology 

This week you will make you are going to make your castle. I hope that you've collected lots of boxes!

Use your design from last week to help you.

Watch the video below, it will show you how to make a castle from a cardboard box.

Have a look at these finished designs!

Look at the 'British Castles' powerpoint and then create a castles fact file.


What is the Shabbat and why is it important to Jews?

Click on the video link below.

I have also provided a power point to look at when completing the worksheet.