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Week Beginning 13.7.20

Hello everyone. Well this is the final week of home learning before we break up for the summer. This has been such a strange and difficult four months.

I'm sorry that you have missed out on the learning and fun that most Year 6 children would normally experience. I have missed out on sharing this with you as well and it makes me feel extremely sad sad.

You are such an amazing class and each and every one of you are so very special to me. You are clever, funny, happy, brave children who deserve the very best. Remember - you can be anything you want to be. The world is your oyster now, so grab it with both hands and go for it.

I will miss you all so very much but can't wait to see you all briefly on Wednesday or Thursday for a little chat and virtual hug. You are wonderful and I will miss you all. Thank you also to your fabulous parents who have always been a super support laugh. Your children are AMAZING. Thank you for letting me teach them heart.

Have a great summer everyone and we can hopefully get our whole class pizza and disco sorted once lockdown is finally over. laugh

Lots of love

Mrs.Johnson xxxx

I am not going to add any English or Maths this week as I'd like you to focus on your transition activities from last week laugh. Here are some other activities that you might like to do over the summer holiday too...heart