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The Teaching of Mathematics


Have you ever been stuck helping your child complete their Maths homework? We get so many parents that tell us that the methods the children use now are so different to the way you were taught at school. Well, you’re right!

Things have changed but the methods you hear your children talk about are actually quite simple.


Please see below for policies regarding the teaching of Mathematics.

Please click the link below to download the National Curriculum for Mathematics. This shows you the objectives for each year group across the primary school phase.
Please see the link below to see the Maths vocabulary your child will be introduced to in their year group.

Please see the links below to view our Maths parent workshop which was held in March. This PowerPoint goes through the written methods used at Balladen for the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Thank you to all the parents who attended either the Year 3 and Year 4 Maths workshop or the Year 5 and year 6 Maths Workshop. Thank you all for the feedback, it was overwhelmingly positive. We constantly aim to improve our work with parents so feedback is very important. Listed below are some of the comments received.


What have you gained from this workshop?

It was helpful to see the format used at Balladen so that I can support my child at home using the same structure.

I have gained all the tools my son uses – lay an egg!

I am now able to help my child when it comes to division using the methods you use.

It was very useful to find out the methods taught at school – these will be useful when helping my child with his homework.

The methods were very clearly explained – thank you!

Now that I have seen the methods, I will find maths problems easier to solve.

How do you think the workshop could have been made more effective?

Nothing other than perhaps slightly longer – quite rushed but I gained what I needed.

More time at the end for individuals to raise questions with the teacher.

Longer as 1-1 with my son and his teacher was informative in a group.

A little bit longer would be useful.

Nothing – it was great and useful!

Other comments about the workshop:

Well organised, good examples and explaining – teacher has amazing methods down to a T!

Thank you very much for organising it – very much appreciated.

A very useful session – interesting to see the different methods used when teaching maths. I will use these for home learning.

A fantastic job – thank you.

It was nice spending time with my son and seeing how he learns in maths.

I feel I learnt something in the session.