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Home Learning

The mental wellbeing of our children is so important - please find below activities for home learning to support wellbeing

Guidance to support mental health and well-being for all children and families not just SEND children

Websites to try whilst at home:

Online lessons recommended by the Dfe-

BBC online lessons-

The Maths Factor - with Carol Vorderman - 30 day free trial.

Scratch for coding and computing activities 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics learning) 

Home learning from September

Owls Babies- Please read the story from the Powerpoint. Ask your child to retell the story and then complete the activties.


Your child will need to be able to:

  • Count from 0 to 20
  • Count back from 20 to 0
  • Count a selection of objects up to 20
  • Write numerals to 20
  • Order numbers to 20
Home learning 

Can your child write their name in the cursive script?

Please practise writing capital letters and lower case letters in the cursive script provided.



We are reading the story of 'The Magic Paintbrush'.

The full story is on a powerpoint provided below.


Lesson 1 Share the story with your child, ask them to draw a picture of their favourite part. Them ask them to discuss why it is their favourite part of the story.


Lesson 2 Create a story map with your child- see my example provided.


Lesson 3 Use your story map from yesterday to act out the story.



This week the children will be learning hoe to use a tens frame. All our maths this week will be practical.

Lesson 1- Look at the Goldilocks powerpoint and ask your child to find the how many apples they can see. When they have counted the apples they need to represent this number on their tens frame provided. 

Lesson 2- Your child needs to find different ways of represents numbers up to 10 on the tens frame. Can they find different ways of showing ten using counters or whatever you have at home.

Lesson 3- Complete the puppy tens frame worksheet.


Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4